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How Wheelchair Ramps Make Life Easier

How Wheelchair Ramps Make Life Easier
There are raised entrances, sections, places, and spaces everywhere, thus our environment isn't flat. Anyone with restricted movement, especially those who rely on a mobility device to get around, will find this difficult. Anything that makes it easier for them to get from point A to point B, like an access ramp is beneficial. Family members, friends, and the general public can all benefit from the use of wheelchair ramps.

How Do Platform Lifts Help People With Limited Mobility?

How Do Platform Lifts Help People With Limited Mobility?
Read on to find out why PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift are beneficial to people with limited mobility and how a simple installation can dramatically change people's lives for the better. This platform lift can accommodate your mobility needs, whether they involve a wheelchair, walker, or simply an alternative to stairs.
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The Mobilift CX Portable Manual Platform Wheelchair Lift

Solax Mobie Plus Folding Scooter by Enhance Mobility

Pathway® 3G Modular Access System Platform by EZ-Access

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)my caregiver could not lift my scooter in or out of my trunk. Now, it takes a few minutes, but it certainly does work.