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Wheelchair Liberty Top Mobility Products of the Year Award Ceremony

Top Mobility Products of the Year
at Wheelchair Liberty

Announcing Wheelchair Liberty's Top Products of the Year! See what made the list!
Taking Care of ADA Pool Equipment - Myth's & Facts

Taking Care of ADA Pool Equipment - Myth's & Facts

Even if you have an ADA compliant pool lift, it is also your obligation to ensure your equipment in optimal working condition. How do you protect your existing pool lifts or the ones you are planning to buy?
Summer is here! - Is your Pool Ready?

Summer is here! - Is your Pool Ready?

At Wheelchair Liberty, we have high-quality products for both residential or commercial applications.   Did you know we carry pool lifts that can ...


...you have been awesome and so great to deal with ... I would recommend and use your business in the future..." 

Kelly, VA

Courtney went above and beyond to chase down all the pieces and parts I needed to ’install a ceiling lift in my Mom’s house. After a fall leaving her as a quadrapeligic she’s been stuck in a nursing home for 2 months with less than stellar care. With the lift in place she can now go home. Courtney even finished the order while on vacation. She kept me updated while finding the parts I needed for my situation. Thanks Courtney for following thru and making the difference!

Tim Claus

I appreciate the quick response!

Chris, OH

Wow! Thank you so much for the great information!

Anne, FL
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