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How Do Platform Lifts Help People With Limited Mobility?

How Do Platform Lifts Help People With Limited Mobility?

Read on to find out why PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift are beneficial to people with limited mobility and how a simple installation can dramatically change people's lives for the better. This platform lift can accommodate your mobility needs, whether they involve a wheelchair, walker, or simply an alternative to stairs.
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We needed a 12' ramp that was sturdy and could be moved from the garage to the door by one person to accommodate regular visits from a wheelchair-bound relative,. Others I looked at (despite their advertising claims) were not rigid enough to accommodate the 550# combined weight of powered wheelchair and occupant. The folding mechanism on this ramp is well engineered and the wheels allow me to roll it from the door to the garage with only moderate effort despite its weight. I can install it in minutes and once installed it is perfectly rigid, comparable to a permanently installed ramp. I recommend it highly. It is more than worth the price difference between it and lower priced alternatives.

Can’t get lift into my car, so basically both lift and Solax are useless until I find another solution.

PL400EF Patient Lift Replacement Battery by Best Care LLC

Full body patient lift

Great Engineering

Received on time no damage works in scooter reasonable price. Will use Wheelchair Liberty for future scooter parts and batteries. Thanks