How Do Platform Lifts Help People With Limited Mobility?

Man on wheelchair in front of PASSPORT Vertical Platform lift by EZ-Access | Wheelchair Liberty

Everyone has the right to access their homes with comfort and convenience. However, if you have mobility challenges, or caring for someone disabled, you already know that most houses these days are not exactly easily accessible. While ramps are frequently used to overcome stairs and other elevated areas such as porches, they are not always appropriate for every home, and they could take up a lot of space.

Good thing, the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift and its features are intended to make your life easier!

This revolutionary lift is lightweight and simple to install in a variety of settings. It will easily fit into any elevated pathway, porch, interior lifted floor, or any raised entryway. After all, just because you or someone you know has reduced mobility does not mean you have to be restricted in your own home! This is how the lift got its name; it's your PASSPORT to accessibility.

Read on to find out why PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift are beneficial to people with limited mobility and how a simple installation can dramatically change people's lives for the better. This platform lift can accommodate your mobility needs, whether they involve a wheelchair, walker, or simply an alternative to stairs.

How the PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift Works

Man on wheelchair lifted with the PASSPORT Vertical Platform lift by EZ- Access | Wheelchair Liberty

Compared to conventional elevators, the PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift and its features are compact enough to fit in most homes. The lift includes a 24-inch low-sloping entry ramp that accommodates most wheelchairs, scooters, power chairs, and other mobility devices and can be assembled on either side of the platform for better access. Once the passenger is on the lift, the ramp raises and acts as a safety gate while the lift is in motion. This will help standing passengers feel more secure and will avoid accidental roll-offs for mobility device users.

The simple controls, in addition to the overall design, are responsible for how PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift are effective for people with limited mobility. The lift includes a handy control box with large, straightforward "up" and "down" buttons, which have been specially optimized for those with limited arm and hand movement.  This platform lift also comes with a wireless remote control for additional operational options.

Easy Installation

Because your mobility needs should not be put on hold, this lift can be installed easily and quickly. The lift is pre-wired with "plug 'n play" automotive-style connectors, allowing for simple connection to your home.

The PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift is made of aluminum as well, making it the lightest home lift on the market today and the preferred design of many professional access equipment installers and electricians. If you ever decide to relocate, the lift can be uninstalled and transported with you.

You can choose the lift that best fits the layout of your space with turn and straight configurations. The concrete on which the lift will be installed only needs to meet the specifications of the model you choose.

Lifting Heights and Specifications

With heights ranging from 44" to 120", the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift is relatively compact and fit perfectly on most elevated entryway spaces. As your height requirements change, the lift can be re-adjusted to different configurations within the height restrictions of the model you purchased.

The lift can carry up to 750 pounds, which is impressive given that the equipment is about 300 pounds lighter than other steel lifts of similiar structure.

Safety Features

The PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift's designers prioritized safety. The unit has been independently tested for quality assurance and product safety. It is ETL certified, which means it has been examined and certified (found to meet the required national safety standards) by Intertek, an OSHA-recognized testing laboratory.

As previously stated, the lift's ramp folds up and serves as a security gate / barrier. There is also an undercarriage safety pan with an obstruction detector that takes 15 pounds  of pressure to bring the lift to a halt. If the lift stops due to an obstruction, it will continue to operate in an upward direction, but the object or obstruction should be removed before it can resume downward travel. On the control box, there is also an emergency stop button.

Furthermore, the lift's electrical cables are waterproof and carefully designed not to corrode, likely to result in mechanical failure or potential harm. Are you going to put it on a porch or somewhere else outdoors? That's not a problem. The platform lift has an optional long-lasting synthetic rubber weather guard that safeguards the PASSPORT's base from the outdoor elements.

Because the lift is DC-powered, it can operate for approximately 20 complete, fully loaded cycles on battery power alone. This is extremely useful in the event of a power outage.

On the whole, the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift has lots of advantages for people who have limited mobility. Having one installed in your home can truly transform your life.


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