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How to Choose the Best Patient Lift for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Patient Lift for Your Home

For someone with a disability, being able to get around at home is essential. Patient lifts are medical devices that provide people who cannot stand or walk on their own with mobility assistance to function day to day.  Join us as we guide you through the the important decisions of choosing the right lift and sling for your loved one.
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Easy Peasy

Makes life easier, if you make it a point to place them correctly. They do not slip if you place them up high enough as is advised. They do indeed work!


Very handy item, can safely tote stuff under wheelchair and keep it secure

It is helping me sleep and relieving my back pain

Amazing scooter

Bought my Solax several years ago and honestly cannot live without it. With it, I can go places I would have never been able to go to, such as cruises. It is so portable and easy to fold up and put in a trunk. If you are on the edge about buying one, my advice is to do it. You will be extremely happy you did, like me.