Winter-Proof Your Pool Lift: Guide to Winterizing Your Pool Lifts

Patriot Pool Lift by Aqua Creek

As winter approaches, now is the perfect time to winterize your pool lifts so that it will be in excellent condition when spring eventually arrives. Here are a few winterizing methods you may carry out to keep your pool lifts safe this season.

  1. According to the instructions in your user manuals, properly clean your pool lifts.
  2. Apply a coat of high quality automotive wax to protect the finish.
  3. Remove the battery and store on the charger in a climate controlled location. Remember to keep the charger plugged in!
  4. Cover the lift with a protective cover or remove from the pool edge and store in a dry, secure location.
  5. Do not store with chemicals or in a pool equipment room.
Protective Cover - Mighty Voyager Pool Lift by Aqua Creek
Special Thanks to our Vendor, Aqua Creek for sharing tips on their products!

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