Summer is here! - Is your Pool Ready?

At Wheelchair Liberty, we have high-quality products for both residential or commercial applications.


Did you know we carry pool lifts that can help you meet ADA regulations? Learn more about ADA compliance with an informative video here from one of our favorite brands, Aqua Creek.

Our experts are here to share with you all about the comfort and convenience features of our products.

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There isn’t anything bad I can say about this scooter. I can lift in and it of my trunk. It is comfortable and everything they said it was

Easy to install and nice traction

Very effortless to install, just place it on the doorway and that's it. I like the traction I get with the rubber. I can now enter and exit the house on my wheelchair with ease.

Great ramp at a really good price!

I was looking for a semi-permanent ramp install for the inside of my garage (into the house). The Gateway 3G ramp was perfect. VERY sturdy, nice looking, and priced better than most. In my case, I needed larger mount holes at the top hinge to mount to my raised platform, but they drilled out very easily. It works great and looks good.

Love the stylish look, and the quiet lifting process.

The spa I work in uses this, lifts quietly and the speed is just right, too.