Get Your Pool Lifts Swim-Ready: 3 Easy Steps!


Motion Trek 350 Ada Compliant Pool Lift by Spectrum Aquatics

Three Quick and Simple Steps to Getting Your Pool Lift Ready for Swim Season

It's time for spring cleaning, take out those pool lifts and make sure their ready for use by following these 3 basic steps:

1. Check your batteries

  • Check to see if any batteries in storage have been charged. Batteries that aren't charged regularly lose their ability to hold a charge and work properly.
  • Check the date on the batteries: most batteries have an MFG date on the silver label on the side. Consider buying a backup battery if your current one is more than three years old.
  • When a lift is taken out of storage (or the cover is removed), test the lift's batteries. You should see a green light on the receiver under the battery and be able to move the lift.
  • Test the remote with the battery in the lift. Replace the battery in the remote and reset it if it doesn't operate at all.

2. Clean & Maintain the lift

  •  Rinse and dry the lift with non-chlorinated water. This will get rid of any contaminants on the surface.
  • To eliminate rust and passivate stainless steel, use Spectrum's Spectra-Clean and Spectra-Shield solutions.
  • Consider purchasing a lift cover.
  • Charge the batteries as often as possible - the more, the better!

3. Lubricate the lift

  • Apply dielectric grease to the contacts of the battery and receiver.
  • Use a light 3-in-1 oil, such as WD-40, to lubricate all pivot points.
  • Using an FDA-approved lubricant, lubricate the bottom bearing assembly via the oil zerk.


Special thanks for the experts from Spectrum Aquatics for these tips!

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We needed a 12' ramp that was sturdy and could be moved from the garage to the door by one person to accommodate regular visits from a wheelchair-bound relative,. Others I looked at (despite their advertising claims) were not rigid enough to accommodate the 550# combined weight of powered wheelchair and occupant. The folding mechanism on this ramp is well engineered and the wheels allow me to roll it from the door to the garage with only moderate effort despite its weight. I can install it in minutes and once installed it is perfectly rigid, comparable to a permanently installed ramp. I recommend it highly. It is more than worth the price difference between it and lower priced alternatives.

Can’t get lift into my car, so basically both lift and Solax are useless until I find another solution.