EZ-Access Featured Dealer of the Month: Wheelchair Liberty

Wheelchair Liberty, located in Denver, CO, is our featured dealer for the month of January!

Business History & Growth: Established in 2019, Wheelchair Liberty swiftly ascended as a leader in offering state-of-the-art mobility aids tailored to individual needs. Our relentless commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology, including AI and tools like EZ-VIZION, with unparalleled customer service, sets us apart in the mobility aid landscape.

A Personal Journey: As a small, woman-owned business, Wheelchair Liberty's success narrative is deeply intertwined with personal resilience and determination. Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with raising a new family posed unique challenges. However, leveraging automation tools like EZ-VIZION has been instrumental. These technologies have not only streamlined our operations but have empowered us to efficiently manage tasks, allowing more time to focus on nurturing our family and driving business growth.

Gratitude & Recognition: Our success is a collective effort, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated EZ-ACCESS teams and individuals:

  • Customer Service Team: Your kindness and responsiveness resonate with our clients, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Quote Team: Your meticulous attention to detail, especially in complex ramp applications, has been invaluable in securing bids and ensuring accuracy.
  • Software Development Team: Your commitment to excellence and responsiveness in implementing feedback has been pivotal in enhancing our operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • Jason HendricksonYour unwavering support, consistent communication, and dedication to ensuring we have the resources needed to succeed have been invaluable.

What Sets Us Apart: Our innovative ethos, underpinned by the strategic integration of the latest technologies, positions us as the next generation of the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service while continually adapting to meet evolving customer needs. 

Partnership with EZ-ACCESS:

For 5 years, our collaboration with EZ-ACCESS has been pivotal. We've harnessed their cutting-edge tools, such as EZ-VIZION, to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and maintain our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Tool Integration – EZ-VIZION: As an early adopter of EZ-VIZION (our first quote was done in August 2021), EZ-VIZION's integration has transformed our operations, enabling rapid quote generation, and visualization of custom solutions in real-time which has allowed us to secure bids on significant projects within hours. With EZ-VIZION, we generate 95% of our quotes with remarkable efficiency, positioning us to secure more sales due to the quick turnaround time. Our rapid response times and accuracy resonate with clients, fostering trust and solidifying our reputation in the industry.

User-Friendly Experience: EZ-VIZION's intuitive interface and robust features seamlessly integrate into our workflow, enabling consistent delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

Recommendations: For businesses striving to innovate, drive efficiency, and prioritize customer-centricity, tools like EZ-VIZION are invaluable. Wheelchair Liberty exemplifies the transformative power of technology, enabling growth while maintaining a steadfast focus on family and community values.

We are thankful for great partners like Wheelchair Liberty, and their adoption of the tools we have created to help make doing business easier. 

Thank you to our friends from EZ-Access for this heartwarming feature. We are also grateful for our partnership and vision of making the world accessible to more people.

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I'm completely satisfied with product,service and customer service provided five star service!!!


I have not received the device and have not been giving any reason despite contacting the delivery company. They sent an email saying it would be resolved the 25th and I sent an email called this morning. I got no answer as to when it would be delivered.